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Case Study: Sistema de búsqueda unificada en Quantum, con Coveo. Webinar de 1 hora.

Dec 16, 2010 8

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Many leading organizations with complex products are taking customer service and support to new levels with a unique approach to knowledge management: they have stopped moving data and are accessing knowledge through single-screen access to product information, customer interactions, ticketing systems, and more. In this on-demand webinar, you will hear three different perspectives from Quantum, the global leader in backup, recovery and archiving as they discuss how Enterprise Search 2.0-powered solutions from Coveo helped them address key issues that were slowing issue resolution, impacting customer satisfaction, and agent productivity. Coveo Executive Chairman Louis Tetu also discusses additional instances of how Coveo Customer Information Access Solutions increase call center efficiencies and provide agents, managers, and executives with unified access to information, providing a true 360-degree customer view, and the business intelligence needed to help you achieve better decision-making.

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