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How Capability Maps Can Bridge the gap Between EA & BPM, por Forrester y Metastorm. Webinar.

Dec 3, 2010 7

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Are BPM and EA aligned in your organization? On September 28, Metastorm teamed up with Forrester to deliver a webinar entitled, “How Capability Maps Can Bridge the Gap between EA & BPM,” which featured Clay Richardson, senior analyst for Forrester, and Neal Lohmann, director of business transformation for Metastorm. An audience of 325 business and IT professionals from large global organizations across several continents, including North America, Europe and Australia, tuned in to learn how organizations can leverage capability maps to address and significantly improve the disconnect between enterprise business architecture (EA) and business process management (BPM) teams. In an audience poll, 49% of participants said that their current EA and BPM efforts were separate and not aligned, 47% said they were separate but collaborating, and only 4% said they were fully aligned.

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