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Intralinks for Mergers and Acquisitions: Gestión Documental y Records Management para afrontar auditorías, fusiones y adquisiciones.

Oct 27, 2010 7

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IntraLinks for Mergers & Acquisitions es una plataforma para la gestión documental, gestión de email, records management y en general control de toda la documentación necesaria en procesos de fusión, adquisición y otros de intensiva utilización de documentación crítica. Publicamos un webinar en el que se explica cómo puede ayudar la solución. Aquí tiene más información sobre los procesos en los que puede ayudar esta solución: IntraLinks for Mergers & Acquisitions is a fast, powerful, end-to-end deal management solution. Reduce closure risk. Improve efficiency, access and professionalism during key phases of the entire deal management process. With IntraLinks expand reach to buyers across time zones and continents to maximize valuation and diversify deal completion risk. Banking teams can securely manage the Q&A process for follow-on requests and clarifications. Real-time reporting shows information review activity. Gain intelligence and insight into buyer intent and the viability of their bids. Audit capability for disclosure levels, across all parties, supports compliance and reduces litigation exposure. Document Locking & Protection ensures information security by restricting document printing, forwarding and saving, as well as enabling watermark security. Daniel Krauss, Forrester Analyst, discusses “Trends, Challenges, and Technology Use in a Changing M&A Environment”, including a presentation of the results of the survey. He speaks about what these results mean for M&A professionals and the deal market. Don’t miss this opportunity to interact directly with this leading analyst.

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