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Workshop: How to Select an ERP for Distribution

Jul 28, 2022

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Publicamos grabación del webinar grabado el día 27/07/2022 

Ponente:Mehdi Aftahi

Operating during unprecedented times of supply chain disruptions and other issues, distributors need to optimize their efficiency, plan for the unexpected, and rise up against the competition.Having the right technology can give them that competitive edge.

But how do you determine the best system for your business?This webinar will show how you can use TEC’s comprehensive decision support technology to pinpoint and select the right ERP solution for your distribution business.
You’ll also gain invaluable insight from TEC’s CTO Mehdi Aftahi, who will guide you through all the major steps of the software selection process. 
Mehdi will offer you a one-of-a-workshop on how to take advantage of our proprietary technology, TECAdvisor, and gain the expert knowledge you need to come away with the best-fit ERP for your distribution business. 

After attending this workshop you’ll be able to:

- Compile and prioritize your company’s requirements
- Identify a potential long list of vendor solutions
- Use TEC Advisor to evaluate vendors’ responses to your requirements
- Prepare a thorough RFP document
- Create relevant demo scripts for your business


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