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Applying an IT Strategy to SharePoint: Panelist Spotlight with Peter Ward

Jun 1, 2012

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SharePoint ShopTalk is a live, dynamic discussion held weekly amongst SharePoint Professionals. It is an excellent source for users who need to discuss challenges or are looking for answers to pressing contemporary SharePoint questions. All are welcome to take advantage of this forum that features leading experts in the field. Every Thursday: 12:30pm - 1:30pm EST On this Special Edition of SharePoint ShopTalk, Peter discussed how organizations can align SharePoint with their overall business strategy so the maximum return on investment can be achieved. Review the slides on Peter's blog: Peter Ward Bio Peter Ward (, SharePoint architect and instructor, has been working in the collaboration space for almost 20 years and with SharePoint technologies for over 8. He works with some of the largest and most profitable companies in the New York metro area, but also the small ones (he refers to this group as the Fortune 5,000,000). Peter is the co-author of the following books with both Microsoft and other fellow MVP's: •Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Business Performance Enhancement: Taking the basics to the Business with No-Coding Solutions for SharePoint 2010 •Professional Workflow in SharePoint 2010: Real World Business Workflow Solutions •100 smart questions the smart CIO should ask about SharePoint

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