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Magento & Drupal - A Case Study on how to overcome the limitations

Mar 6, 2012

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Both Drupal & Magento comes feature packed with a lot of flexibility. But what are their limitations? This webinar will give insights on two case studies on presenter's experience on both these platforms with such issues and how he overcame it. Magento: 1) Why choose magento, though we know its a resource hungry system? 2) What more can i do with wishlist feature? 3) How can you use magento as a default banner management system? 4) How to achieve different layouts for categories and products? Drupal: 1) How to create event registration website? User can add multiple attributes and according to selected attributes price range will be decided, after successful registration of the event the visitor to be taken to payment page. 2) I have a requirement to perform user login authentication using a 3rd party system. Any ideas? 3) I have 2 websites on multi-site architecture sharing a single database. I want each website to have a separate theme. How do i do this?

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