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Dynamic BPM Automate and Manage Agile Business Processes for Dynamic and Unpredictable Environments

Jan 9, 2012 29

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Enterprises increasingly need to automate business processes that adapt to dynamic, fast-changing, and unpredictable business scenarios. This can be difficult to accomplish using traditional BPM approaches, which lend themselves better to more static and structured processes. TIBCO iProcess™ Conductor provides a unique solution by enabling process execution plans to be assembled and executed “on the fly” from individual processes, resulting in dynamic and customized solutions. With iProcess Conductor, process execution plans can be created manually by business users using a GANTT-style UI or can be automated using business rules. Predictive jeopardy management analyzes the executing plan using expected and actual plan execution times so that problems can be identified and fixed before they occur rather than after the fact. Webinar agenda: Introduction: The need for agile and adaptable business processes Goal-Driven BPM: Defining business processes based on the goals to achieve and the activities to achieve them Overview of iProcess Conductor: Automating and managing business processes using process execution plans Demonstration Q&A

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