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Applying Next Generation BI to BPM Reporting and Analytics

Jan 9, 2012 28

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Jeremy Westerman, Sr. Product Marketing Manager for BPM, TIBCO Software Inc. Brad Hopper, Sr. Director, Industry Applications, TIBCO Spotfire Division When enterprises leverage business process management (BPM) software to model and automate core business processes, they need to be able to monitor and continuously improve those processes. This is hard to do with traditional BPM reporting tools, because they provide a “one size fits all” dashboard that doesn’t take into account the needs of different users. TIBCO iProcess™ Spotfire® uses next generation business intelligence software to deliver process reporting and analytics that enables business users to report on, analyze, and evaluate business processes, providing deep insight into the performance of key processes and the knowledge needed to continuously improve them. Webinar agenda: Importance of business process visibility, the issues with current solutions, and the need for a new approach TIBCO Spotfire: next generation Business Intelligence technology and successes Introducing TIBCO iProcess Spotfire: applying next generation BI to BPM reporting & analytics Demonstration Q&A

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