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Achieve Operational Business Visibility by Applying Next Generation BI to BPM

Jan 9, 2012 17

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Enterprises need visibility into operational business performance to ensure that business goals such as delivering products and services within deadlines, ensuring customer satisfaction and maximizing the use of resources are being met. Business processes define how the enterprise operates to meet these business goals and visibility into the execution of these processes allows the business performance to be measured against KPIs and SLAs. TIBCO iProcess Suite enables these business processes to be automated for efficient, effective and consistent execution. TIBCO iProcess™ Spotfire® uses next generation business intelligence software to deliver process reporting and analytics that enable business users to report on, analyze, and evaluate business processes, providing deep insight into the performance of key processes and the knowledge needed to continuously improve them. In addition, TIBCO iProcess™ Spotfire® goes beyond traditional process reporting and enables business managers to understand the impact on business performance to quickly identify business opportunities and threats. Webinar agenda: Achieving Operational Business Visibility thru BPM TIBCO iProcess Spotfire – Applying Next Generation BI to BPM Demonstration Q&A Closing remarks

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