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Introducción al testeo de aplicaciones en SharePoint 2010. Por Webinar en inglés.

Dec 16, 2011 14

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SharePoint ShopTalk is a live, dynamic discussion held weekly amongst SharePoint Professionals. It is an excellent source for users who need to discuss challenges or are looking for answers to pressing contemporary SharePoint questions. All are welcome to take advantage of this forum that features leading experts in the field. In this segment, Panelist SharePoint MVP Ed Musters Presents: How do you test SharePoint 2010 Applications? There are many types of testing you can perform on a developed web application -- from unit, to functional, to smoke, to load testing -- and more! Different tools are required for different types of testing, and properly testing SharePoint 2010 can present unique challenges. Using Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate and several commercial testing tools, I will demonstrate several key testing types in action as applied to a SharePoint 2010 application. When performing a stress test, I will take you through the interpretation of the results and guide you on how and what to test in your application.

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