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Accounting Integration. eBridge Connections

Nov 22, 2011 7

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eBridge Connections and Miva Merchant invite you to a brief informational session to learn about how you can benefit from the power of integration. We currently offer integration between Miva Merchant and over 40 popular Accounting and ERP systems, including products from Microsoft, Sage, Intuit, SAP and more. Our bi-directional exchange of data eliminates the need for manual entry of orders, customer info, product updates; freeing up valuable time and resources. The presenters provide a high-level overview of the solution, benefits for merchants, pricing, and also touch on our other value-added integration services that can be leveraged once your Miva Merchant store is connected to eBridge Connections. An in-depth round of discussion and Q&A fills up the final portion of the recording.

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