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El poder de BPM para las empresas. Webinar en Inglés

Sep 29, 2011 121

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Webinar realizado por Wolfram Jost, CTO de Software AG; George Simon, Vicepresidente Senior de Product Marketing; y Jasmin Sarah-Magdalena Brandl, Jefa de Proyectos en Kneipp. Building a truly game-changing BPM program across the enterprise has been difficult. That’s because, in many organizations, departments use different tools to organize and improve their processes. Recognizing this need, we have integrated ARIS and webMethods to create Enterprise BPM: an end-to-end BPM approach that easily extends the reach and sustainability of your BPM program. This webinar presents the full view of Enterprise BPM, and the integration of what has traditionally been separate BPM software silos.

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