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SharePoint as a Business Intelligence Platform. Creating Dashboards in PerformancePoint Services. Ironworks.

Apr 13, 2011 91

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Business intelligence has long been rated as a priority for CEOs. Now, more than ever, having a strong strategy that can be tracked and managed through information technology is a must. Combining business intelligence and the tracking of the execution of corporate strategies is known as performance management. SharePoint 2010 provides a way to manage performance through its PerformancePoint Services offering. Using SharePoint's intuitive interface, business users can create monitoring and analytic tools without depending on the information technology department. In this webcast, we discuss the benefits of utilizing performance management for CEOs, managers, and business users. We will then show how business users can utilize PerformancePoint Services to create their own analytics, reports, and dashboards. Finally, we will describe best practices for implementing a performance management solution in SharePoint 2010.

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