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Enterprise Architecture as a vital part of Digital Transformation

Dec 10, 2019

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Publicamos grabación del webinar grabado el día 04/12/2019

Ponentes:Mehdi Aftahi 

A successful digital transformation encompasses the entirety of your business, improving processes and software throughout your entire enterprise architecture. In many cases, the need for transformation relates to technological sea changes within your industry. For others, digital transformation represents an opportunity to grow into a new era of greater efficiency, visibility and profitability.

This webinar covers the reasons and signals that indicate the need to review enterprise architecture, and how such a review is part and parcel of accomplishing digital transformation. Mehdi also proceeds to walk participants through TEC’s step-by-step approach for architectural review and transformation. Charting a course from business-as-usual to an optimal architecture reveals the road map that accomplishes digital transformation.

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