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Introduction to TIBCO StreamBase Complex Event Processing

Jun 1, 2017

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Attend learns about its:

-Agile Development: StreamBase’s visual programming environment enables business and IT to collaborate and iterate on application development.

-Time-to-Market: StreamBase handles low-level application programming so you can focus on implementing business logic. You can build event-based applications up to five times faster.

-Performance and Scalability: StreamBase’s multithreaded event server can handle tens of thousands of events per second and scale to meet ever-growing volumes of big data.

-Pre-Built Connectivity and Third-Party Integration: StreamBase offers pre-built connectivity to 150+ market data providers, databases, programming languages, and statistical computing environments.

-Innovation: StreamBase has been in development for over 10 years, resulting in a mature and innovative platform that is used by some of the world’s most demanding enterprise-class firms.

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