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Novedades Infor para Alimentación, Bebidas y Químicas (Industria de Procesos)

May 5, 2015

ERP Infor
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Grabación del webinar celebrado el pasado 25/09/2014 en el que se explican las novedades y estrategias de Infor para la Industria de Procesos.

Esta es la presentación en inglés: Your Process industry customers are looking to you for guidance selecting enterprise solutions. It’s time to get up to speed on the latest business technologies and advances for the food & beverage and chemicals industries.

Mike Edgett, Infor Industry & Solution Strategy Director, will share the latest offerings Infor is bringing to Process manufacturers, including our vision, product roadmaps, and the latest innovations. He will describe how Infor products combine modern innovations and technologies with proven applications so your customers get the industry-specific benefits and flexibility to meet their ever-changing needs.

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