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Direct Store Delivery en alimentos frescos con Infor

May 1, 2015

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Aprenda acerca de las tendencias y últimas soluciones para la entrega de productos frescos, incluyendo cómo desplegar Direct Store Delivery (DSD).

Retailers hold manufacturers to strict service level agreements with available shelf life, inventory balances and quick response to customer complaints. The short shelf life of finished goods also means that order sizes are smaller and deliveries more frequent. One method to support this, Direct Store Delivery (DSD), is an increasingly important and effective method for retailers and suppliers to ensure freshness of short shelf-life products.
View this webinar to learn how fresh food manufacturers around the globe are embracing new technologies to address:
The growing demand for fresh foods
The fulfillment challenges of very short shelf life including the adoption of DSD
The regulatory and customer demands for flawless recall readiness

Mike Edgett, Infor Food & Beverage Industry Strategist
Allen Dickason, Numeric Computer Systems (NCS)


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